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David Barbaree and Janet Lunau successfully defend hockey league at trial of negligence claim.

Rueters LLP lawyers David Barbaree and Janet Lunau successfully represented a recreational hockey league in an action in which the plaintiff sought damages against the league and a player on the opposing team for injuries he sustained during a hockey game.  The plaintiff argued that the hockey league was negligent in failing to provide a safe environment and fostering a culture of rough and dangerous play.  In dismissing the action against both the player and the league, Justice Firestone held that the liability waiver the plaintiff signed was a complete defence to the claims against it and that a defence of implied consent would also have operated to bar the plaintiff’s claims.  To read the decision, Levita v Alan Crew et al., 2015 ONSC 5316, click here.

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David Barbaree
David Barbaree

David has a broad litigation practice, including commercial, civil, administrative, and regulatory matters. He has appeared at every level of court in Ontario, including the Divisional Court and the Court of Appeal for Ontario, as well as various administrative tribunals.