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RUETERS LLP is a boutique law firm that provides personalized, high quality advocacy to individuals, businesses, and institutions in all aspects of litigation and dispute resolution.

We Are Experienced. Our firm was founded by seasoned trial and appellate lawyers with decades of collective experience. Our lawyers have represented clients on complex, high-profile cases at all levels of court and before tribunals. We have developed strong instincts and sound judgment, which we bring to bear on every matter.

We Are Strategic. Our firm offers personalized, sophisticated litigation strategy. We select the right team for each client’s needs and draw on our diverse experience to provide creative and innovative strategies, without sacrificing efficiency.

We Are Fearless. Our lawyers are proud of our successes in the courtroom. We also understand that not every case goes to trial. Our confidence as trial lawyers gives us a distinct advantage in negotiations because we never hesitate to advance a client’s case. We are fearless advocates for our clients, both inside and outside the courtroom.

Referrals Respected. We respect referrals and recognize that our work is a reflection on those who refer us a file. In any matter that is referred to us by another law firm or lawyer, we commit to never take on work from the client again without the referee’s consent.

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